::Products manufactured by Slabber Apiculture

All products use the following components: Balcotan 100 waterproof woodglue, quality hand-picked pine, and a raw linseed/beeswax mixture is applied as an external hot coating.
Prices subject to change. All prices include VAT. Prices do not include shipping and delivery costs. These products are made with care and attention to detail and therefore take time to manufacture. Please allow time to delivery, especially for larger orders.

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Hive Bottom Boards

Hive Bottom Boards
Screened Bottom Board (Brood)

  • SA Radiata Pine
  • Woven stainless steel mesh. ( 8-mesh, 0.9mm strand diameter, 2.2mm aperture ) Mesh mounted on rear sliding insert
  • Galvanized staples
  • Extra slots for 3mm rear sliding insert ( useful for mite mortality inspection and fumigation pads )
  • Accomodates a 509x414mm brood enclosure
part #: scf-00-0000

price : R310.00
Solid Bottom Board (Brood)

  • 22mm SA Radiata Pine
  • Accomodates a 509x414mm brood enclosure
  • 22x10mm spacer
part #: bfb-01-0000

price : R140.00