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[News Item #23]   5-Frame Trap Hives
2009-08-20 16:18:12

High quality, lightweight 5-frame trap hives produced.

We have produced a quality trap hive that will last quite a few seasons and is light enough for easy handling. The weight is crucial especially when removing that precious swarm from a tree at the top of a high ladder. Although the hive is lightweight the s-shaped corner struts, made from solid pine, give the hive structural strength. Additionally each hive comes with a small satchel of old propolis that may be heated and applied to the top of the frames to lure passing swarms.

  • Constructed from 12mm French imported marine 7-ply ( BS1088 & Lloyds Standard )
  • Reinforced corner solid pine struts
  • Glued with Balcotan 100 waterproof, UV resistant glue
  • Coated with raw linseed & beeswax mixture
  • Inner lid with ventilation spacers on top and outer galvanized steel lid
  • Made to Blue Book standard frame measurements and bee spaces
  • 5 x 32mm brood frames #baf-32-0000
  • Frames are wired and contain a 45mm strip of beeswax foundation
  • Sold with plastic satchel of propolis for application to frame top bars as attractant

price : R450.00

Contact Slabber Apiculture for availability and ordering.