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[News Item #18]  ApiaryNet : Apiary Management Software
2007-04-05 08:51:58

Manage your apiary records online.
Go to ApiaryNet and follow the link to registration.

.:What is it?:. ApiaryNet is a web-based system that will firstly allow individual beekeepers to manage their beekeeping operation. Secondly, ApiaryNet will allow members of beekeeping groups to access apiary location information and view apiary distribution in a particular area.

.:Get Started:. Add landowners to your ApiaryNet selecting the \'Contacts\' option. On the contacts page, press \'+ Add New\' on the displayed table, fill in the required fields and press \'Create\'. Then select the \'Apiaries\' option and add apiaries in the a similar manner to adding contacts. Some information are required and such information is indicated by a red asterisk. You may at any time update or delete information.
Note: You will not be able to delete yourself as a landowner/beekeeper, you will only be allowed to change your information.
Download Google Earth and install the application. This is free. Press the Google Earth button above to view your apiaries\' locations.


  • Manage your own apiaries in terms of individual swarms with complete record keeping, queen genetic lines and pollination contracts.
  • One click automated export of apiary coordinates to Google Earth.
  • View apiaries belonging to different associations provided you are a registered member of that association.


  • Secure storage of your information and records, accessible from anywhere via a web browser.
  • Possible pest control usage to establish varroa free zones by agricultural institutions.
  • Distribution information may be utilized for planning and research purposes.