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[News Item #11]  5-Frame Trap Hives Produced
2006-08-27 22:43:22

Pollination has started manufacturing its first hive box product, for the trapping of swarms.

These handmade, bright orange, 5-frame trap hives ( nucleus boxes ) are for sale. They are ideal for capturing absconding wild swarms, that are in the process of establishing a new colony. The box is designed for the standard Langstroth frame and is sold with 5 frames ( half waxed ). With proper care, this trap hive will give years of service.

  • standard Langstroth format brood frames
  • galvanzed iron stand that can accommodate both a trap hive and a brood hive, sold separately ( badger deterrent )
  • 22mm thickness, solid pine construction
  • each box hand built
  • galvanized lid with wooden inner
  • triple coated with PVA paint mixed with algicide and fungicide
  • waterproof woodglue ( Balcotan 100 ) - no nails
  • frames fitted with half a strip of wax foundation
  • frames fitted with eyelets

5-frame trap hives.

Sample brood frame - half waxed.

For more information such as pricing and availability, contact pollination.